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  III  Links · Acquainted  
Links to web sites that I'm acquainted to

This list of links consists of other web sites that are either made completely by me, sites where I'm in the crew, or other sites that I've worked with in some way.

Bryne Frikyrkje
This is the web site of a church in Bryne that I visit from time to time. The site is unfortunately not quite done yet.

Brynerussen 2004 [closed down]
This was the web site of my senior graduation class at Bryne vidaregåande skule. It's traditional, Norwegian russ celebration.

I'm a photographer in the photo group at school, Foto NHHS. We mainly take pictures for the student organization.

Framsiden.com [closed down]
This was a Norwegian start page for youths that my friend Olav created.

Norsk arbeidsbok
This page contains all my written work in Norwegian class during my first year in upper secondary school.

SiB Husvertene
I work as a Residential Assistant for the Student Organization in Bergen.

Stian's Friendship Page
Here you can read a beautiful poem about friendship and pass it on to your friends. I've had more than 7,000,000 visitors from all over the World.

Stian's High School Year in the USA
This page is about my year as an exchange student in the United States. Hopefully future exchange students can learn some things here.

Klepp Sparebank
This is our local savings bank. I work here as an assistant in the business department during vacations.

TU Hatleberg
TU Hatleberg is the Tenant Union at Hatleberg Student Willage, which is where I have mye dorm room. I'm responsible for information.

Last updated: May 21st, 2007