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Take a look at some of my friends' homepages

At first I didn't think there were going to be very many links here. But it has turned out that more and more of my friends has gotten their own homepages; either it's good old regular homepages or the new thing called blogs, which I by the way think is a very interesting thing (maybe I'll even get me a blog someday too.)

Alice Tegle has made an attempt to make "a more sexy blog than others in order to attract more visitors." Take a look and leave her a note if you think she has succeeded.

Casper & You
Michael Khatcherian is originally from Lebanon, but he came to Norway a couple years ago. He's a really nice and friendly guy. On his blog you can read some of his thoughts.

Daniel Vagstad lived in my dormitory for a year and a half. On his blog he writes some very interesting stories. They're hillarious to read for those of us who know who the stories really are based on.

Eg, meg og Irene
Irene Lygre shut down her web site and created a blog instead. She travels a lot, and on her blog you can read about some of her adventures and different things in her life.

Eivinds Festbilder
Eivind Norheim is not very interested in writing about himself on his homepage. Instead he has posted lots of pictures from trips and partys.

Ewa i Oslo
Ewa Grecka was my kitchen neighbor for a semester in 2006. She's now done with her studies and got a good job with Hydro in Oslo. This blog is about her new life in the Norwegian capital.

FLiNn003's Web Page
Dusty Linn loves to play and watch basketball, which you can see on his homepage. He has some pictures, links and of course a guestbook.

This is my german friend Georg Langheld's personal web site. Currently it's under construction. But the old one was really cool, so I'm looking forward to this new one.

inger marie's
Inger Marie Lemvik's homepage is a project she made in her computer class last year. On this page you can read her full life story.

Jan-Petter Janssen (aka JP) and I shared dormitory kitchen when studying at NHH. He's an adventurous guy who enjoys financial speculations, and his blog is definitely worth checking out.

Kristian Bregårds hjemmeside
Even though it's been a really long time since my good old friend Kristian Bregård updated his website, it's still interesting to read about him. Take a look!

Maries Liv
Giving up her web site, Marie Grastveit figured out she wanted a blog instead; and I suppose it suits her better. Here you may read some of her thoughts on things.

Lene&Helene Foto
My photo enthusiastic former classmates Lene Aanestad and Helene Skrettingland have recently build their own photo studio, and they sure know how to take great pictures.

Mona's logg
Mona Bakke was the first friend of mine to start writing a blog; and she's really good at it. She writes down some of her quite special thoughts now and then.

Now Olav has also made a web site for his girlfriend, Karianne Levesen. It looks a lot like Olav's, but it's in pink colors, and the language is Norwegian. Take a look!

My friend Olav Arild Møller has finally made his own personal web page, after running framsiden.com for several years. It looks really good, and everyone should visit it.

Ragnhilds verden
Ragnhild Petersen Eik is proud of being (just) one week older than me. However it took her a lot longer getting a web page, but now she's surprised me with her own personal blog.

Sara's World
Sara Bahney's homepage is very colorful. You can read a lot about Sara, but also look at pictures, read her journal, and study her poetry.

slash Kjetil Nes
Good old Kjetil Nes also felt the urge to get his own web page not long after he got his own digital camera. The patriotic mac.com-domain suits him well for uploading pictures.

My name brother, Stian Skjæveland, is very interested in computer related stuff. He loves Open Source and Linux. Of course you can read about this on his home page.

Stine's hjemmeside
This is my classmate Stine Birkeland's personal home page. You can read about her, her friends, and our class at school, which is the famous 3øac.

My former classmate Terese Håland created her own blog as she started higher education. In her blog you can read about her student life in Kristiansand in southern Norway.

Therese's Page
I was amazed to find that my kitchen neighbor Therese Arntsen also has her own web site. It's several years old (and she doesn't know I've found it) but it's worth a visit.

On this web site you'll find information about Tommy Ødegård. He's very interested in computers, which you can see on the site. The design is really nice.

Turid og Ingrid Downunder
Click on this link to read all about when my former classmate Turid Vigre went on a fantastic vacation to Bangkok, Australia, Los Angeles, and many other great places.

Last updated: July 3rd, 2011