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All kinds of other interesting links

Here are different kinds of web sites that you might want to take a look at. It's updated from time to time.

Amazing Central Asia
My Uzbekistani friend Elyor has startet a business dealing with Asian rugs and souvenirs. Feel free to take a look at their products here.

Atlantis Open Source Development Crew
This is a group of people who are interested in open source programming. It's run by my friend Stian Skjæveland.

Bryne vidaregåande skule
This is the web site of the upper secondary school I attended for three great years.

Clepp Stasjon Cognac Club
My Uncle Erik and some of his friends have founded CSCC in order to share their common interest, cognac.

Developing Trader
My college friend Jan-Petter Janssen runs this web site where he posts his thoughts and ideas about market principles as a developing stock operator.

Digital Blasphemy
Here's a great collection of 3D wallpapers for your computer.

Frøyland - Orstad Kyrkjelyd
This is the web site of the church I belong to.

Frøyland Idrettslag
This is one of the local soccer clubs where the most talented players play.

I'm feeling lucky! Google is a great company to work for, and I love the great choices of gourmet food we get everyday, mmmm...

mgb - Forklaring av klessymboler
When you're home alone and need to wash your own clothes, this page sure is helpful. At least it helped me :)

NHHS Orakel
NHHS is the student club at my school. It's a really great student club. On their website, Orakel, one can find information about everthing that happens.

North Miami Community Schools
I was an exchange student at North Miami High School. Here you can find their web site.

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
At this univeristy college I will study for a Bachelor and Master in Business Administration.

Olive Branch Church of God
The church I went to in America has also made its own web site.

Orstad Idrettslag
This is the local soccer club next to our house.

Saron is a very popular church among youths in Bryne and Jæren. I really enjoy Friday nights there.

Tanker om tingene
This is Bjørnar Tollaksen's blog site. He has put a lot of work into it and it's interesting to read.

A web site for those who would like to visit or know more about my beloved country, Norway.

Last updated: January 4th, 2008