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  III  Stian · Family  
This is my huge familly

I've got a pretty big family. For some reason I've just been getting more and more siblings as I've grown older. By the way, I'm the oldest of all my siblings ;)

Mom: Anita
Dad: Arvid
Step-mom: Aagoth
Step-dad: Tor Jan
Siblings: Kathrine (31), Birgitte (26), Tor Eirik (26), Aleksander (22), Elisabeth (18), Christer (18), and Andrea (15).

Grandparents: Eli, Reidar, Kirsti, and Alf.

Great grandma: Gerda

Aunts: Eli, Heidi, and Margreta.
Uncles: Jone, Kleng, and Erik.

Other relatives: Kjell Reidar, Ailin, Snorre, Jeanett, Ingeborg, Ragnhild, Øystein, Uncle Odd, Aunt Kari, Marit, Johnny, Hilde, Åse Marie, Wenche, Bjørg, Tor, Marit, and Bente.

Also, I'm so lucky to have a second family too, as I was an exchange stundent one year in Indiana, USA, I feel I got to mention them too -- they were all so nice to me.

Host family: Jay, Cindy, Ryan, and Stephanie.

Other American relatives: Grandma, Grandpa, Mike, Jenny, Annie, Aaron, Andrew, Grandma Reed, Dottie, Bill, Kathy, and Richard

Last updated: March 1st, 2006