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A little bit about where I live

I've lived my whole life in Rogaland, a county in the South-West part of Norway. Norway is a country in Scandinavia, which is in North-Europe. I was born in a hospital in Stavanger, but the two first years in my life I lived with mom and dad in an apartment in a small place called Lye. Later we moved to Orstad, where I still live. Orstad is in one way connected to another place called Frøyland. Togheter these two places have about 5000 citizens, I think. It's not a very big place, but we've got three grocery shops, post office, church, two soccer teams, two schools, train station, and a big well-known factory, Kverneland ASA. By train it's 10 minutes to the nearest cities; Sandnes or Bryne. And it's 20 minutes to Stavanger, which is one of the biggest cities in Norway.

The politicians are planning on making Orstad into a city (town), and that is a quite interesting project. However it will take more than ten years before the plans are even being started. But this means that many of the farmers around here have to sell many of their field, and that is not a positive thing.

There's not much snow here in the winter, but I usually go to a place not too far away, to go skiing or snowboarding. The nearest place and which I like a lot is Gilja, and it takes about 45 minutes by car to go there. There I stay in the Red Cross cottage. Where there's not enough snow in Gilja, I go to a place called Sirdal. In summer there's not very hot here, just a few weeks. It rains sometimes, but when it doesn't, it's just about 10 kilometers to the beach. However I prefer to go to our cottage in Eigersund, where I can swim in both the oscean and in fresh water. I can fish or do what I like best in the summer, water-ski. I'm not good at it, but it's fun anyway.

Last updated: April 3rd, 2004